The Types of Circular Saws

There are many different types of circular saws, and it definitely is not easy to choose the one that’s right for you. This issue is exactly why I’ve decided to list all the different types out there, so you’ll be able to choose the best circular saw for you. I’ve read a significant number of circular saw reviews, in order to determine which types and models of saws are there, and here’s what I’ve come up with:

· Abrasive saw (cut-off saw, chop saw)

This type of saw is usually used for cutting hard materials such as metal, concrete or tile. The cutting is performed by an abrasive disk that is similar to a thin grinding wheel.

· Biscuit joiner (plate joiner)

This is actually a woodworking tool that is used to join two pieces of wood together. It does that by using a small circular saw blade.

· Cold saw

The cold saw is a circular saw specifically designed to cut metal. It uses a toothed blade to transfer the heat generated by the cutting to the chips of metal created by the saw blade, remaining cool (unlike abrasive saw)

· Concrete saw (con-saw, road saw)

This type of circular saw is used mainly for cutting concrete, asphalt, brick and other materials commonly used for roads.

· Panel saw

A panel saw is used to cut sheets into sized parts (panels).

· Pendulum saw (swing saw)

This type of saw has the blade mounted, so it can swing into the material for cutting. It’s used for cutting wood or ice, mainly for sculpturing purposes.

· Table saw (saw bench)

This is another woodworking tool that consists of the circular saw blade, which is mounted on an arbor that is powered by an electric motor.

· Hypoid circular saw

This type of circular saw is fairly new, it relays on a different gear system from what the rest of the circular saws are using, and it’s almost exclusive to Makita manufacturer.